How many calories in Chinese Noodles

Chinese noodles are delicious and everyone knows that they are really tasty. Chinese noodles are cooked in different forms with different things as an additional feature to its tastes. Some people like to have noodles with fresh vegetables. Green leafy vegetables and vegetables like carrots are put into noodles to make them tastier. Addition of vegetables surely makes the noodles much healthier than they really are when consumed without them they are made of different materials but mainly they are of two types, the wheat and the rice one.

Noodles are also had with chicken in them. This can be said as a non vegetarian dish but is still healthy because chicken is prepared in it only and all the juices of chicken remain in the cooked vessel only.

Calories in Chinese Noodles
Calories in Chinese Noodles

Nutrition value depends on different amounts of serving. In a cupful of vegetarian Chinese noodles there are 237 calories which is not a big amount considering the required amount of calories on daily basis is 2000 calories. The fat content in Chinese noodles is 13.8 grams. This is about 21 % of the total fat required by human body per day.

The saturated fats are about 2 grams in Chinese noodles with polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. These unsaturated fats are 2g and 10g respectively in Chinese noodles when served in mid size serving dish.

Minerals like potassium, sodium and calcium are also present in it and their content is 197.5g, 54g and 1% respectively. Human body also requires dietary fibres and Chinese noodles have fibre in them which is about 1.8 grams in a proper serving dish.

The vitamin C content is about 1% and the iron in Chinese noodles is about 12%. Chinese noodles are a good dish to have once in a while but prolong usage might affect the health.