How many Calories in Carrot Juice

Juices are really good for the health and this is a universally known and accepted fact. But which juices are the best for you? Carrot juice is one of the best juices to drink because of its nutritional value and benefits. A carrot juice is made up of carrots and can also include certain other fruits and vegetables as well. Do you know how many calories are present in carrot juice? Or are you aware of the health benefits of carrot juice? If not and you are interested in finding out then please read the following part of the article:

Calories in Carrot Juice

Bolthouse Farms is a company which produces many canned juices and one such juice is the carrot juice. 1 8 fl oz of carrot juice sold by Bolthouse Farm contains 70 calories. Out of these 70 calories, 6% comes from sodium, 12% comes from total carbohydrates as well. The nutrition grade given to this carrot juice is A-. Bolthouse Farms carrot juice is really good for the health because it has no saturated fat, contains no cholesterol, it is high on the dietary fiber content, there is a lot of potassium in it and the vitamin A content too is high. The only negative point about this carrot juice is that it contains a lot of sugar.

Trader’s Joe carrot juice is another carrot juice variant which is quite popular and comes in the canned form. 1 cup or 240 grams of this juice contains 60 calories. 4% of these calories are there are a result of the presence of sodium and another 4% comes from total carbohydrates.  The high dietary fiber and presence of a lot of potassium and vitamin A are the good points about this carrot juice. But high sugar is the negative point.