How Many Calories in Black Sapote

Black Sapote contains a number of micronutrients which are essential for the body. It also contains some amount of calories. You may consume Black Sapote in different forms and the number of calories in this fruit varies based on the form in which you consume it. Black Sapote is mostly preferred in its raw form. However you may even consume Black Sapote juice or smoothie.

One cup of fresh Black Sapote pulp contains 142 calories. The total fat content in an equal quantity of Black Sapote pulp is close to 1 gram, the carbohydrate content in it is 34 grams and protein content is 2.6 gram. Consuming Black Sapote does not impact your cholesterol content as the cholesterol content in this fruit, just like various other fruits, is nil. Black Sapote also contains various essential vitamins and minerals.

Sapote Calories

One cup of fresh Black Sapote pulp contains around 22 mg of vitamin C and 420 IU of vitamin A. While vitamin C helps in decreasing the risk of heart diseases vitamin A helps in building a strong immune system and also sharpens the vision. It also contains 360 mg of potassium content which is good in controlling the blood pressure.

Besides consuming raw Black Sapote you may also go for Black Sapote juice which is low in calories and contains a number of health benefits. The calorie content in Black Sapote juice may vary to some extent based on its method of preparation. Very few people prefer consuming plain Black Sapote juice in order to enhance its taste ingredients such as sugar, salt, pepper, etc are added as per a person’s choice and the calorie content in this juice varies to some extent based on the amount of these ingredients.

Black Sapote smoothie is also a well liked Black Sapote preparation but is also comes with a number of calories. The calorie content in this smoothie also varies based on its method of preparation.