Facts for Eating Healthy Foods

Developing healthy eating habits can be tricky at first but once one gets the hang of them, they can be a cakewalk. But most of the people do not know how to differentiate between healthy food and unhealthy food items and this is what leads to many health issues. What we must keep in mind is that everything must be eaten in moderation and a good balance must be maintained. But also there are certain facts about eating healthy foods which we must consider before planning our diets and eating ways. Here’s a list of some of these important facts:

Facts for Eating Healthy Foods

Whole foods and vitamins are not the same thing

Most people think that multivitamins can be replaced by other food items such as instant ramen. But this is completely untrue. There is nothing that can provide us with more vitamins and nutrients than vegetables, fish, fruits, grains etc.

The thinnest and healthiest people in the world are into eating high carbohydrate food items

Eliminating high carbohydrate food items from the diet may not necessarily lead to burning of calories or weight loss. Infact the people who are thin and healthy too indulge in high carbohydrate diet very often. But what is to be kept in mind is the fact that thin and healthy people do not eat either refined carbohydrates or processed foods.

Fiber does not only mean vegetables and grains

Fiber is one of the most important elements of a healthy body but it may not necessarily mean vegetables and grains. Fiber supplements may not be same as fiber rich foods and would not provide the same amount of dietary fiber content. Infact these fiber supplements do not even conduct weight loss or protect against any diseases.

The best sources of protein are plants and fish

If you are looking for a protein rich diet, you must go for plants as well as fish as they are the best source of this nutrient.

Vegetables and fruits are conductive in protecting our vision

Vision greatly depends upon the food we eat and it is a fact that cataracts and macular degeneration are connected to our diet. Thus concentrate on eating vegetables and fruits for protecting vision and eyesight.

Fats from factories are harmful and dangerous

Trans fats and processed oils cause heart diseases, obesity, cancer and many other medical conditions and should be completely avoided if possible. You should rather replace them with natural oils.