How Many Calories in an Eggplant

The calorie content in eggplant varies depending upon its way of preparation as well as its quantity. The calorie content also varies based on whether the eggplant is peeled or unpeeled. One cup cube of eggplant which weighs approximately 82 grams contains around 20 calories, an unpeeled eggplant which weighs around 548 grams contains 132 calories and a peeled eggplant which weighs approximately 458 grams contains 110 calories.

Each cup of cubed eggplant in boiled form has around 35 calories. Eggplant is also available in pickled form; this form of eggplant has approximately 67 calories in each cup. The huge difference between the calorie content in the boiled and pickled form of eggplant is owing to the amount of oil, spices and other ingredients added to the pickled form of eggplant. The calorie content in pickled eggplant varies based on the kind and amount of the oil and spices added to it. It also depends largely on the other ingredients added to the pickle and the way in which it is prepared.

Eggplant Calories

Apart from this there are various other forms in which an eggplant is consumed. There are certain low calorie recipes also available for eggplant. Those of you who are trying to lose or maintain their current weight can try these recipes.

Eggplant is a rich source of various minerals and vitamins which are essential for the proper functioning of the body and is thus considered to be a healthy food option. It also contains other micronutrients in moderate forms. The total protein content in one cup of cubed eggplants is 0.83 grams, carbohydrates content in an equal amount of eggplant is 4.67 grams out of which total dietary fiber is 2.8 grams and sugar content is 1.93 grams. The Vitamin C content in each cup of cubed eggplant is around 1.8 mg, calcium content is 7 mg, dietary fibers content is 2.8 mg and potassium is 189 mg.