How Many Calories in a Chicken Breast

A Chicken Brest contains different amount of calories depending upon its size and the way in which it is cooked. Chicken Brest can be cooked with skin and also after removing its skin. When the skin is removed each ounce of chicken breast is left with 46-47 calories, three and a half oz of chicken breast has 164 calories, 4 oz of chicken breast contains 188 calories, 6 oz has 282 calories, 8 oz contains 376 and 10 oz contains 470 calories. Whereas each ounce of chicken breast with skin contains 55-56 calories, 4 oz chicken breast contains 224 calories, 6 oz contains 336 calories, 8 oz has 448 calories and 10 oz contains 560 calories.

The calorie contact may vary based on whether the chicken breast has been roasted, grilled, steamed, boiled or fried. For instance around 140 grams of fried chicken breast contains 364 calories, 98 grams of fried breast chicken rolled in flour contains 218 calories, 86 grams of fried skinless chicken breast contains 161 calories and an equal quantity of roasted skinless chicken contains 142 calories.

Chicken Breast Calories

Chicken breast is a great energy booster and is equally delicious. Though it is known to have high cholesterol content chicken breast is good in lean proteins which help in fat loss. A half chicken breast has only 3 grams of fat and 27 grams of proteins. Not only does it burns the fat but also has other nutritional values. It contains Vitamin B6, B12 and E. Niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and pantothenic acid content is also available in chicken breasts. A good amount of minerals such as selenium and phosphorus and a small content of iron, calcium, zinc and potassium may also be obtained from chicken breasts. Oemga-3 fatty acids which are necessary to maintain a healthy body are also available in chicken breasts.

Health Benefits of Chicken Breasts

Chicken breast has many nutrients that can reduce your risk of many types of cancer, thanks to the more than 60% of niacin found in a half breast. Selenium is also another culprit responsible for the health benefits of chicken breast, protecting your immune system, which helps in the fight to keep cancer away.

The vitamin B in chicken breasts is a great source of energy, which is a great health benefit for anyone looking to burn more fat each day. Which brings me to protein’s fat burning properties in chicken. A chicken breast half provides you with more than 50%of your daily value of protein, which is what makes chicken breast such an amazing fat burning food.

Vitamin B, in its many variations, provides a variety of health benefits of chicken breasts, namely heart health. We can get 26% of our daily value of vitamin B6 from one half of a chicken breast, which keeps blood vessels healthy to ward off heart disease like heart attack and stroke.

Keep in mind that these health benefits of chicken breast can only be derived from eating chicken breast without the skin and bone. This way your chicken breast is as lean as possible, providing you with maximum fat burning potential.

Chicken In Your Diet

Chicken breasts are versatile and very easy to cook. Just be sure not to overcook it, as many people stay away from chicken breasts because they deem it “too dry”.

  • Cook with bell peppers and onions for lean fajitas.
  • Add to mixed vegetables and flavor with curry or soy sauce & ginger for an international meal.
  • Slice a chicken breast and place it over a salad for a healthy protein infusion.

If you’re looking for fat burning foods that come with loads of health benefits, chicken breast is the fat burning food you need!

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